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Patrick is a New Brunswick native with a passion for music and sound. Armed with a classical guitar degree from the University of Moncton and a recent diploma in film music from UQAM in Montreal, Patrick has been weaving his talents into the fabric of theatre and film since 2016.


With a diverse range of projects under his belt, Patrick's journey has been both colorful and rewarding. His knack for creating engaging soundscapes has added a special touch to every production he's been a part of. 


Since 2022, Patrick has been working as a film and video mixer for Montreal's Sans Taboo Production. His tasks include mixing actors' demos, advertisements, and currently, a short film. In 2024, Patrick began a partnership with Beige Studio as a pre-mixer and sound designer, contributing to Quebec productions like "L'épreuve des mots" by Sphère Média and "Bien bâti" by Trio Orange.


In the summer of 2023, Patrick co-founded Last Exit Audio, an innovative audio company specialized in video games. Whether it's enhancing a film's mood or setting the stage for a theatrical performance, Patrick's skills as a composer, sound designer, and mixer shine through.


With a dedication to making every project enjoyable and memorable, Patrick invites you to join him on a sonic adventure that's as smooth as it is engaging.

Patrick Boudreau
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